I'm Aaron, owner of The Age of Z. I've been in the video game industry for over half a decade. Like most, I started out at a smaller site as a volunteer writer, then eventually made it to much larger sites where I became a lead writer in reviews and features articles.

But it was time to take a break from the big and shiny sites, and start over again at my own pace.


I have a huge passion for video games and that's what I want everyone who comes to The Age of Z to understand when reading our work here.

You can expect my most honest views in any reviews or opinion pieces you see from me, and... I hope they're also fun to read.

-- Aaron Main


What does The Age of Z mean?

I introduced The Age of Z for the on-the-go readers. Let's skip The beginning and middle (A-Y) and just get to the end (Z).

We are in an age where we want information fast, fast, fast. What do gamers want the fastest? Reviews.

Most of our game reviews at The Age of Z all come with a "mini review" near the top of their respective pages, for those who just want the gist and score of any given game.

For those who want a little more substance, there are also video reviews and full-length reviews on the same page.

We strive to produce accurate and fun articles that can be quick and easy to read.


If you're interested in anything The Age of Z has to offer and would like to reach out, please contact me:


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