• Aaron Main

Craving Bugsnax

The developers at Young Horses were really up to something great when Bugsnax launched with Sony's PlayStation 5 just weeks ago. With its colorful graphics, lively world and a whole lot of critters to munch on, fun possibilities were endless with hours and hours of fun gameplay. And the community that formed therein really began to show off their passion for the game.

What better way to see the love for Bugsnax than to show off a few pieces we've found and fell in love with? Take a look below at some of our favorites.

First, we have Jake who said "I caught Bugsnax during the PS5 reveal livestream. It seemed to be heavily inspired by games I grew up playing like Pokemon Snap, Ape Escape and Viva Pinata." This piece took Jake five hours to create. Jakes favorite things about the game? "I really enjoy the gameplay mechanics. Catching Bugsnax can lead to some out of the box creativity with the weapons you're given."

Luc here thinks, "Bugsnax is so lively and colourful! The entire game is so strange and wonderful and exciting to look at." When Luc spots a new bug he wants to "drop everything and draw right then and there." When asked what Bugsnax means to Luc, "Weird but genuine happiness. It’s been a scary year. Having a lighthearted game that still manages to touch on serious topics, all the while keeping to its own strange world rules and tone is so great. Seeing LGBT+ characters, especially a nonbinary character, presented without comment or a fuss is so great."

Wyatt, 9 years old, created these amazing sculptures who his father uploaded to Twitter. It took Wyatt nearly three hours to mold these pieces and make them so adorable. "Bugsnax is a fun and weird way to look at food and creatures. The game is fun to play and trying to figure out how to catch all the bugs is challenging."

Finally, we have cdlum. A highly talented artist who really found inspiration in Bugsnax from the game's fun theme song. "Its cute and mainly that KBB song kept getting stuck in my head, which is why I basically just redrew the cover." This animated art took cdlum nearly four hours to complete, and we can't say enough good things about it.