• Aaron Main

Fiery Art of Fire Emblem

In honor of Fire Emblem's 30th anniversary we thought it only necessary to show some love in this week's community section, by inviting a handful of artists from around the world to show off their art of the game. Take a look at these inspiring pieces.

--Thank you to all who participated.

@pairofshooters wanted to show off their skills with Lucina that took nearly four hours. "This piece was drawn as a gift for a friend," they said. Their favorite thing about Fire Emblem is "...the thematic of changing fates; that we can influence the world around us in profound ways with the smallest decisions or acts of kindness." That's true even in real life.

@flamingopunch is a talented artist who wanted to share this one that took almost six hours to complete. Ever since discovering Fire Emblem in Smash Bros. Brawl she says, "I've been super invested in the series to the point where I have played titles from the GBA games all the way up the present Switch game." But why Fire Emblem? "The game is known for having the perma-death feature where characters can't be revived once they fall. So it ends up making me care for every single one of them!" Be careful to save who you love.

@ElmoIsRed created this colorfully imaginative piece in about three hours. "The traditional medieval warfare themes balanced with the colorful anime style," from the games are what inspired him. He loves the gameplay the series has to offer along with the story. He points out that there are several reasons why Fire Emblem resonates with him, especially how you "resonate with many [characters] to different degrees." Connecting with your character in a game is always important.

@AyuuniiArt enjoys Fire Emblems, and this piece that took nearly two weeks to complete really shows. She says that it's, "the characters and music that make me love the series so much." She explains how Fire Emblem has helped her through rough patches in life, even to the point where she gave up on drawing. After getting into the games she said, "Fire Emblem inspired me again, and after playing through the game, I picked up my tablet pen again and started drawing for the first time in months." Such an inspirational story.

@VialNite is a big Fire Emblem artist who finds inspiration from, "the characters and their personalities..." This piece in particular taking around five hours to create. "My favorite thing about Fire Emblem is gameplay, characters, and how it engages your thinking," ViteNite adds, "What the games personally mean to me is that everyone (characters) is part of the big picture or has a role in the game." Everyone can make a difference.

Thank you to everyone who participated. If you would like your art shown off on The Age of Z, find our contact info at the bottom of this page.