• Aaron Main

Finding A Little Heaven in Hades

Supergiant Games were really onto something when they brought Hades into our realm, the realm of mortals. With its smooth, hand drawn graphics-style, ultra fast-paced action, and mix of interesting and smart storytelling, Hades became an instant classic among fans. Here are a handful of majorly talented artists who wanted to showcase their love for the game in their art.

--Thank you to all who participated.

Here is @asturlavi with a mesmerizing version of Patrochilles that took only a few hours to create. "At first it was the depth of the characters and the complex relationships," Asturlavi says about Hades inspiring their art. "The game means a lot to me personally... Zagreus is an extremely relatable individual, especially when it comes to his relationship with his parents." Finding a bond we can relate to or dream of having ourselves can emotionally connect us to certain games like Hades.

@CrimsonChains wanted to show off this beautiful art of Thanatos that took about four hours to create. "The character designs in Hades are gorgeous!" Crimson Chains says about what inspired this art. Adding, "And I love the general aesthetic of the game." Crimson also said, "My favorite part is talking with the various characters and learning more about the world. Everything is so charming and well written." The story definitely has massive charm.

@AvivOr is another skilled artist who decided to show Hades love in a comic-panel style format. "This piece was inspired by the relationship between Zagreus and Thanatos, and how it's cleverly integrated into the mechanic of Than's random visits for a little help/reward." When asked what the game means to Aviv, she said, "[Hades] is the first [game] in years that I dived so fully into. It's beautiful, funny, wholesome and touching (in a year where we can definitely use all those things!), and just a really, really FUN game." That's so true.

@kuerupi's Hades art featuring Achilles and Patrochilles was inspired by the games "...beautiful art style and interesting storytelling," and how they've imagine their reunion to look like. The game means a lot to everyone, and Kuerupi explains it as, "...so special and diverse, as a queer POC it means a lot to see a game with such characters gain so much attention." It's always important when someone can find themselves in another's art.

Thank you to everyone who participated. If you would like your art shown off on The Age of Z, find our contact info at the bottom of this page.