• Aaron Main


This game is why I love Resident Evil so much!

As we know, the developers at Capcom have dabbled with the first-person perspective in the latest Resident Evil games as of late. With RE7 I was a little skeptical. With Village I'm fully committed. After Ethan Winters saves the day (more of less) in Biohazard, he returns as the protagonist in a wintry European village, that has secrets hiding in every corner. But there's something afoot here and awfully wicked. Finding himself caught in a personal battle with the village and its outlying properties, Winters must now scour this evil land and get back what's his. With improved, stellar graphics, excellent pacing, and extremely intense jump-out-of-your-seat moments, elements like these solidify a touching story that's unnaturally deep to the Resident Evil series.

With superior level design, you'll have to work hard, by unlocking each room's puzzles to figure out how to escape and master each room. It's unnerving to trek through these fields and graveyard and houses that truly feel lived in. And make sure you search every house for any spare parts that can help craft weapons, health items, and most importantly ammunition; you're in for one hell of a fight from beginning to end. With the returning merchant (the Duke), you can upgrade weapons and equipment to be far more powerful, or purchase very limited quantities of ammunition and health items as needed.

Unlike Biohazard, Village returns to the look and feel offered in Resident Evil 4, and delivers the creepiness at the same level. Something the previous game did well, but couldn't quite master. Though I am a HUGE fan of RE7, I feel as though the game sank in the backtrack'y final act, something Village vastly improves upon. With the exception of the werewolf enemies, (which were slow and for some reason carried weapons they never used) everything you fight, including the numerous and extremely fun boss battles, are exquisitely done. This game is a masterclass in the action-horror genre and I can't wait to play it again.

  • The best graphics I've seen in a game this (or technically last) generation.

  • Creepy, "lived-in" atmosphere.

  • Superior level design.

  • Boss battles and most enemy types.

  • The Duke and his upgrade-mobile.

  • Puzzles

  • Nothing of note.

  • Werewolf enemy types felt underdeveloped.

Reviewed on Xbox Series X

This game was purchased for this review.