• Aaron Main

Splatter Some Ink For Splatoon!

Are you a squid or a kid?

That was the big question when Nintendo first introduced the colorfully enticing and energetically radiant Splatoon on the Wii U and later Splatoon 2 on the Switch. Splatoon's simple mechanics and limited game modes invited everyone of any skill levels to join in to splatter some neon-colored ink on their inkling rivals. With all the hype centered around the game, Splatoon easily grew into a platform where artists could share their love of the game. And what better way for that than to invite a handful of those talented artists here to showcase their own Splatoon masterpieces?

--Thank you to all who participated.

Silvia (@tsitraami) created this dark and stylish piece that took eight days(!) to complete. "I just like the characters," she says about how she was inspired to create it. "They're super cute and colourful and I love their cute fangs!" When asked what the game means to Silvia she said, "I love the idea of shooting colourful ink instead of bullets!" That is a fun twist!

@hhaelines has another great example of how Splatoon can bring out the best in people. "Splatoon games have a great deal of culture and personality that really drew me in... I thought that it would be fun to add my own spin in embedding a bit of my culture: hanbok fashion!"she said about her piece that took over four hours to complete.

@Cephalorock came up with this bright character that took about two hours to complete. "I love the game," they said. Their favorite things about Splatoon is, "...character design, everything is so stylish." What's really inspiring for them is the fact that the games "make me so happy and let me meet a lot of wonderful people." It's nice to find friends through a common interest.

@gei_rei is yet another talented artist who spent nearly five hours on this beauty. "The way the characters and surroundings are designed gives me a lot of inspiration and motivated me to draw many new things," they said. What's most interesting is how Splatoon has changed their life, "...[I've] met so many of my current friends! Playing Splatoon gave me a lot of confidence." That's heartwarming.

@Davitsu made this truly spectacular 3D art. The character designs of the game were his inspiration, taking nearly two weeks to complete. His favorite thing about Splatoon 2 is the Octo-Expansion, saying, "That's why I feel extra attached to characters like Marina and Pearl." And he feels Splatoon brings, "A fresh and colorful take on a genre ruled by dark and generic games." Absolutely. Splatoon is nice change of pace to other violent games.

Thank you to everyone who participated. If you would like your art shown off on The Age of Z, find our contact info at the bottom of this page.